Robert Yeilding, Psy.D.
Associate / Clinical Psychologist
Direct Phone (949) 939-0259

Dr. Yeilding received his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from UCLA and went
on to earn his doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the California School of
Professional Psychology with an emphasis in Health Psychology. Dr. Yeilding
has experience helping adults and adolescents with mood and anxiety
disorders, social phobia, insomnia, relational difficulties, and managing and
finding growth in life transitions.

Dr. Yeilding completed a postdoctoral fellowship working with adolescents in
an inpatient hospital setting at Gateways Hospital in Los Angeles.  There, he
utilized cognitive-behavioral and mindfulness-based approaches to help
adolescents manage acute symptoms of mood and anxiety disorders, as well
as self-injurious behaviors. In addition, Dr. Yeilding completed his doctoral
project on mindful eating and health promotion, and specializes in lifestyle
change and stress reduction.

Dr. Yeilding trusts in working collaboratively with clients to relate to their
thoughts, feelings, and inner dialogue in each moment with compassion and
non-judgment, while also actively achieving the goals of a well-developed
treatment plan.
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