Sonia Greaven, PhD
Associate / Clinical Psychologist
Direct Phone (818) 797-4653

Dr. Greaven received her doctorate in clinical psychology from
Dalhousie University in Canada.  She has worked with adolescents and
adults suffering from anxiety and mood disorders, as well as individuals
experiencing life transitions and acculturation issues. In addition to
offering cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), Dr. Greaven is well versed
in interpersonal therapy (IPT), an effective brief therapy for
depression.  While English is her first language, Dr. Greaven is also
able to offer treatment in Spanish and in French.  In addition to her
position at Plotkin and Associates, she currently works as a staff
psychologist at an outpatient Los Angeles Department of Mental Health
crisis clinic.  Dr. Greaven has conducted research and coauthored
studies in the areas of mood disorders and life transitions.
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