Stephany Luk, Psy.D.
Associate /
Licensed Psychologist
Direct Phone (424) 999-8884

Dr. Luk obtained her doctorate degree in forensic psychology from the
California School of Forensic Psychology and has worked in both clinical
and forensic settings.  She has conducted research in personality
assessment, and has training in personality, cognitive, and risk evaluations.  
Her field training included providing CBT and relapse prevention treatment
to clients suffering from extreme anxiety and mood disorders.  Dr. Luk
received specialized training in cognitive-behavior therapy for chronic pain
patients, as well as training in assessment and psychotherapy with clients
who are considering or have completed bariatric weight loss surgery.  In
addition, she obtained special training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy
(DBT), which targets dysregulated and overwhelming thoughts, emotions,
and behaviors.

In her practice, Dr. Luk specializes in:

•        treatment of anxiety and mood disorders, including panic disorder,
obsessive-compulsive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, social
anxiety, specific phobias, depression, and bipolar disorder.
•        chronic pain management
•        sleep disturbance
•        bariatric therapy, pre- and post-surgery
•        cognitive remediation therapy

Dr. Luk integrates two empirically-based treatments—cognitive-behavioral
therapy and mindfulness—in order to connect thoughts with behavior and
emotion patterns, evaluate effectiveness and values, and control impulses
and urges.
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